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    Stumbled upon your blog and love your theme. Just wanted to share my story. I’ve always wanted to suck a cum filled pussy but never had any luck with my exes. It wasn’t until I met my wife. One night, after I filled her with my load, she was still horny and asked me to suck and lick her some more. I happily obliged. The taste of her juices mixed with my was delicious. I had tasted my cum before, but this was different and much better! She noticed I got hard again and let me fuck her until I came again. 

    I don’t suck her out all the time, but we definitely do that in our routine. She’ll drop hints like she doesn’t want to wipe up tonight, indicating she wants me to clean her up. Recently she’ll  keep her underwear on while we fuck. I’ll cum inside of her and then a few hours later, we’ll go at it again. She’ll let me suck her again to get her wet and juicy.

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    Oh yes, I feel so loved when my hubby does this. Then I like for him to deeply kiss me so I can share in the flavor of our love. He is sooooo special to me. I love you sweet, sexy, strong husband of mine

    Nice creampie fuck and clean up video here! Check it out!

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  4. Anonymous asked: I have erectile disfunction. How do I satisfy my wife?

    There are many strapons available to fit over your penis or on your chin.  You could also talk about bringing another man into your bedroom.  Mostly this is something you and your wife need to discuss and be comfortable with.

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  7. deadheadyall asked: Just went through your entire profile damn...

    Glad you liked it. 

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  12. Anonymous asked: how do i sample another mans cum without actually sucking a cock?

    There are multiple ways.  You could have him jerk off into your mouth,  have him cum into a cup,  his hand,  your hand.  These are all assuming you know him and are comfortable asking to do this.  If you’re not,  then I have no idea what to tell you.  Possibly you could have your woman suck him off then kiss you.

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